Workshops 1. Climate Justice

1.30PM - 2.30PM (BST) - 2nd August
We’ll be premiering our three workshops at 1.30pm each day and they’ll be available for you to watch with your youth group at any time throughout the day! They’ll also be available to stream post events. With shorter sessions, top notch topics and discussion questions, we’re so excited about the workshops at LUMINOSITY this summer!
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Luminosity 2021 sponsored by Open Doors:

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Around the world, many are bravely following Jesus despite risk of arrest, violence, threats and discrimination. They know Jesus is worth everything. Our persecuted global church family need our prayers and support, and we can be inspired by them to greater faith and passion for God.

Follow @opendoorsyouthuk on Instagram for stories of incredible brave faith and actions you can take to stand with the persecuted church. Plus, you can order our free interactive prayer map (with stickers) to help you learn about, and pray for, the places where following Jesus costs the most. Get it at: