Since 1989, as a New Wine family, we have gathered together in our thousands – on a showground over 2 weeks of the summer – for worship, fellowship, teaching, refreshment and, most importantly, to be empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

As well as time for spiritual growth, to build community and a fun holiday for all ages, the purpose has always been that individuals and churches would take away and pour out into their communities, a renewed understanding of, love for, and passion to share, Jesus.

Following the cancellation of what would have been our 32nd annual summer event (United 20) due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched our first-ever online event, United Breaks Out, in July 2020.

God moved in power. We experienced the Holy Spirit bringing breakthrough, healing, and restoration in the lives of thousands as we gathered around screens in homes, gardens, churches, and communities and felt connected – to God and to each other:

‘I’ve been shielding since March 2020. Since United Breaks Out began, I’ve watched it daily and it’s been a God-send. I went in for open heart surgery in September fired up with God and bolstered by New Wine. No fear, only God’s peace. I’m recovering well at home, still watching United Breaks Out and learning more each day. I’ll be joining you again this summer.’

‘We have never made it to United before. This was the year, and United Breaks Out has been such a blessing. I have watched many of the sessions again and again. They’ve been hugely healing. The prayers at the end and silent time to allow the Holy Spirit to heal old wounds has been wonderful. We’re still watching it and recommending it to others. We’ll be joining you again digitally this summer.’

‘My daughter is 7 and we’ve been to United most years since she was born. But was in the first New Wine Kids session of United Breaks Out on the sofa in our living room, whilst watching on a tiny iPad screen, that she said she wanted to follow Jesus for the first time. No hype, just an honest conversation between a child and her Maker. After that, we spent time together lying on our backs and chilling out and chatting with God. It has encouraged and challenged me – it is easy to be expectant of God to move in the excitement of being at a big event. But his timing is perfect, and he can move and meet us no matter where we are – even sitting on the sofa on a fairly standard Sunday evening.’

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