Since 1989, as a New Wine family, we have gathered together in our thousands – on a showground over 2 weeks of the summer – for worship, fellowship, teaching, refreshment and, most importantly, to be empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

As well as time for spiritual growth, to build community and a fun holiday for all ages, our purpose has always been that individuals and churches would take away and pour out into their communities, a renewed understanding of, love for, and passion to share, Jesus.

After a time of prayer, fasting and listening to the Lord, we believe United Breaks Out is our calling for 2020. This is our time, as the Church, to lead the nations towards a renewed understanding of and love for Jesus – and into a world where signs of God’s kingdom breaking out are our new normal.

History tells us that whenever plague or persecution or famine have struck the earth, the Church has shone. What if we, the Church, don’t emerge from lockdown blinking in the harsh light, but we break out – prayed up and fired up with a message of hope and healing that we’ve experienced for ourselves and are equipped to offer to a hurting world? What if Satan thought he brought the Church to her knees, but found that she became more powerful than she’d ever been? This is the time. Let’s not miss it.

Paul Harcourt, New Wine National Leader

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