Leadership Network Venue

Welcome to our virtual venue at United Breaks Out.

From 30th July until 3rd August, the Leadership Network are providing free access to the following programme of leader-focused connection, available on the date and time shown:


Prayer Ministry

Friday 30th & Saturday 31st July

We are pleased to offer prayer ministry once again for Leadership Network members. These will be on Friday 30th July and Saturday 31st July. We believe that this offer is so important and have a team who are not only experienced, but open to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You will be prayed for sensitively and prophetically. If it’s your desire to spend more time during the prayer hour seeking God prophetically, please mention this at the time of booking. Offered by our experienced prayer team, spaces are available for individual and couples’ prayer sessions by Zoom on: Friday 30th July at 14:00 & 15:00 and Saturday 31st July at 16:00, 17:00 & 18:00.

Please book your prayer slot, stating your preferred date and time to Justin at justin.bloomfield@new-wine.org

Missional Consultations

Friday 30th & Saturday 31st July

God is doing so much through Church Planting and Pioneering and we want to support those who are active in these. We are providing the opportunity for leadership network members to access a 1 hour Missional Consultation on Planting and Pioneering with an experienced team of coaches who will offer slots from 13:30 – 17:30 on Friday 30th July and Saturday 31st July. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

To request a time, please email carol.kinne@new-wine.org

Regional Gatherings

Monday 2nd August, 2-3pm

Four regional gatherings. The New Wine church leadership network is active all through the year, building friendships to empower, encourage and inspire one another as local church leaders. Our regional relationships are a significant part of this and this is your opportunity to meet the regional team in your part of the country.  If you are new to the network, or have been a part for many years, we would love you to join us for these regional gatherings on Zoom.  We are excited about God’s purposes for the post-Covid church and new ways to build supportive connections.  These gatherings will take a ‘round table’ format with breakout rooms around specific topics

To join a gathering of your region and receive the zoom link;
Email Simon.picknell@new-wine.org for London & South East
Email carol.kinne@new-wine.org for the North
Email justin.bloomfield@new-wine.org for the Midlands & East
Email morag.gillespie@new-wine.org for the South West


Hosted Leadership Conversations

Tuesday 3rd August, 2-3pm

Four hosted zoom sessions for people at different stages of their leadership journey;

1. First post leadership – Hosted by Ed Hobbs.
If you are looking to take on your first senior leadership position in the coming year, or have recently taken up a post, this session is for you. Join us to receive practical support for navigating this stage of the journey, and to be inspired to visionary leadership.
You can receive the link for this session by emailing Morag.gillespie@new-wine.org

2.Women in leadership –Hosted by Katie Wade.
The aim of this session is to provide space for ordained/senior women leaders to discuss their current situation and provide peer support and prophetic prayer space. Our time will include hearing from experienced women church leaders who speak to our common interest.
You can receive the link for this session by emailing Carol.kinne@new-wine.org

3.Leaders in Training – Hosted by Ben Strain
This session is for all those in training for church leadership whatever your denomination. We’ll be reflecting on how we walk well through this unique period in our leadership journey, ensuring that we thrive and not just survive! We’ll also have a chance to hear about opportunities to receive mentoring and investment from the leadership network and New Wine family as we seek to become more effective leaders in the Kingdom.
If you are a leadership network member you can receive the link for this session by emailing Justin.bloomfield@new-wine.org

4. Considering Leadership –Hosted by Richard Moy & Debs Wignall.
Richard and Debs bring some practical help, tips and discussion on exploring authorised/ordained Christian leadership.
You can receive the link for this session by emailing simon.picknell@new-wine.org



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