18 Seminars

2PM - 2.45PM (BST) - 30th July

Ministry of the Spirit

Discovering His Treasure in Our Jars of Clay

When we begin to truly understand the beauty of what it means to be carriers of the Presence of God, it begins to change how we view the world and all the challenges it brings. Together we will explore how this reality impacted the lives of many in scripture and how it can also do the same not only in our own lives today, but also in the lives of all those around us.

Nicola Neal is Founder & CEO of Every Life International, a charity that seeks to love and serve the poor in disadvantaged communities around the world. She is also the author of two books – Journey into Love and GOLD

Wholeness & Inner Healing

Bringing Calm to a Turbulent Mind

It is natural to assume that there is ’nothing we can do’ about the disquiet of our minds apart from to change our circumstances. However, the Bible attests to the truth that our circumstances do not automatically dictate our emotions. This practical talk explores what it means to ‘seek peace and pursue it’.

Will Van Der Hart is an Anglican Vicar, Co-Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation and Leadership Coach. Will is married to Lucinda, also a priest in the Church of England, they have three children and live in West London.


Grieving with Hope

Does being a Christian make a difference when we face loss? Scripture never denies the agony of grief but rather helps us to bring our pain to the God of all comfort and hope. Instead of despair, we are given new ways to see the past, the present and the future.

Kate Patterson is Director of Gift of Blessing Trust, which offers free resources to root lives in God’s love. Kate is author of The Promise of Blessing and Living for Eternity. She speaks from her own experience of bereavement.

Love In Action – At Home

Power the Fight to Fight the Power

Home Office statistics show that, since April 2009, 205 children aged 17 or under have been killed by an attack with a sharp object in England and Wales. How does the Church respond? Ben explores ways the Church can bring hope and be part of the solution.

Ben Lindsay is CEO of Power The Fight, training and empower communities to end youth violence. He was previously lead pastor at Emmanuel New Cross. He sits on the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit reference group and on the cross-party Youth Violence Commission. His first book is We Need to Talk About Race – Understanding the Black Experience in White Majority Churches.

Love In Action – Abroad

Prayer, Pandemic & Prophetic Imagination

Dot Tyler of Tearfund in the UK interviews Maria and Marc who oversee their work in Ecuador and Haiti.

Dot Tyler is Co-Director for The Justice Conference UK and is the Head of Emerging Generations engagement at Tearfund. She is a regular speaker and preacher, specialising on the intersection between theology, creation care and justice.

Maria Andrade leads the Theology and Network Engagement for Tearfund in Quito, Ecuador.

Marc Anthoine is the Country Director for Tearfund in Haiti and a Pastor.

Love In Action – For The Planet

Climate Crisis: The Church’s Response

Bishop Graham Usher & panel
Graham will share how and why the church should be at the forefront of tackling climate change. Then and a panel from A Rocha UK, Tearfund and more will share practical steps our churches can take.

Graham Usher is the Bishop of Norwich and was recently appointed to lead the Church of England’s Environment Programme. He has a degree in ecological science, has written two books (Places of Enchantment: Meeting God in Landscapes and The Way Under our Feet: A Spirituality of Walking) and is a keen beekeeper.

Helen Stephens is Church Relations Manager at A Rocha.

Hannah Bowring is a Campaigner at Tearfund.

Melanie Nazareth is a lawyer and environmental campaigner for Christian Climate Action.

James Buchanan is Bright Now Campaign Manager at Operation Noah leading their work with divestment campaigners in various churches, campaign strategy and research.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

Jyoti and Jenny draw on first-hand experience to discuss the excitement, challenges, and inspiration to be gained from being an entrepreneurial leader in business, the church or other walks of life. They talk about how to build the culture you want and the importance of humility alongside belief in your abilities.

Jyoti Banerjee is a co-founder of North Star Transition, which focuses on accelerating systemic change. He was an entrepreneur in the tech sector, an impact investor and a part of the team that created the integrated reporting movement worldwide.

Jenny Scott founded Apella, an advisory firm just over two years ago with five colleagues. They support organisations in thinking through their purpose, how that translates into their strategy and how that impacts their reputation.


Just Leadership – Putting Justice at the Heart of Leadership

In this seminar, Simon unpacks three key leadership shifts that need to happen to put integrity and justice at the heart of how we lead.

Simon Barrington is the founder and Director of Forge Leadership Consultancy, an organization that is focused on contributing to there being a generation of leaders of character and influence. He is the author of Just Leadership.

Planting & Pioneering

Church Planting – Now and In the Future

Gareth, John, and Matt will encourage, inspire, envision, and equip you with stories of what God is doing now in terms of church planting and what church planting will look like into the future.

Gareth Robinson leads Saint Philips Chapel Street in Salford, Greater Manchester.

John McGinley is National Lead at The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication.

Matt Beer leads Telford Minster, a recently planted resource church in the West Midlands.

Reaching our communities

Community Grocery

Sam shares how the Community Grocery fills the gap between the food bank and the supermarket for people struggling with food poverty.

Sam Ward is the Director of Ministry at The Message Trust. He is a passionate and gifted speaker with a particular heart for urban mission.

Evangelism & Apologetics

How to Share your Faith in a Post-Pandemic World

Many of us struggle with sharing our faith with friends and family. Sometimes we do not even know where to start the conversation. This seminar will explore inspiring, easy, and practical ways that you can talk about Jesus in everyday conversations and how we might do that well as we emerge into a post-pandemic world.

Revd Dr Hannah Steele is director of St Mellitus College London and lecturer in Missiology. She is the author of the Sunday Times best-seller Living His Story which was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book in 2021.

Celebrating local church

Priorities for the Church Post-Pandemic

In this session we will identify what some of the possibilities for the church post-pandemic are and explore what priorities, postures and practices will be needed for us to embrace these possibilities.

Rich Johnson is the Vicar of All Saints Worcester and serves on the national leadership team of New Wine.


Biblical Social Justice

An overview of biblical justice and a conversation about what it means for us as believers to seek justice.

Josh Smedley is CEO of Just Love – a movement inspiring and releasing Christian students to pursue the biblical call to social justice.

Andy Flannagan is a singer-songwriter, previously a hospital doctor. His campaigning songwriting dragged him into the political arena, so he can often be found annoying MPs around Parliament.

Jo Herbert-James is doing a PhD focused on faith engagement with climate change – including looking at consumerism and green economics.

Chuma Gondwe used to work for Tearfund and is a strong communicator on climate justice.


Security in Uncertainty

The last 18 months have been a real time of uncertainty, lots of the things we put our trust in have been shaken. Is there something from the life of Jesus that we can learn from to find security in God no matter what life throws at us?

Ben Doolan leads St Thomas’, a church in the centre of Newcastle and is on New Wine’s National Leadership Team.


The Power of Perspective

Perspective is such a powerful thing. Stephen believes that the lens through which we engage with worship and prayer over this next season as we have more freedom to gather is the thing that will make a real difference in our workplaces, schools, communities, cities, towns and villages across the country.

Stephen Foster is the Rector of St Aldates Oxford. He was previously the Preaching Pastor at HTB and the National Director of Alpha UK.


Serious Youth Violence & Urban Ministry to Young People

It is in your area – what are you going to do about it? Our youth and children are in crisis, with serious youth violence, youth crime and exclusions having long term impact on our communities – what is the Church’s response?

Deborah Barnett is a Head Teacher and urban ministry champion.

Danny Andrews is on the staff at Transforming Lives for God.

The Right Reverend Rob Wickham is Bishop of Edmonton.


Parenting, poverty, and progress – how can we raise and release our families to love our neighbour?

A panel will discuss this question.

Luke Gratton is Head of Partnerships for Compassion UK. He has been in church leadership for 20 years and has worked in the corporate world and charity sectors. He is church planting in Derby.

Gareth Hillier is Faith in the Family Networker for Care for the Family. He is a church leader and has a passion for equipping families to build faith and impact the communities around them.

Toyin Amira is Development and Programme Grant Officer for Compassion UK. She has a legal background and is the contact person for the UKAid funded Child Survival project.

Gareth Dickinson is Vicar of St Luke’s Maidstone. He was previously a Team Vicar at Trinity Cheltenham and served on the leadership team of New Wine.


A Seat At The Table: Building Family, God’s Way

Can you, or your church, join us in bringing hope and a future to struggling children? TLG are passionate about empowering the local church to reach out to some of the most vulnerable children in the UK. We have lots of encouraging testimonies to share from struggling children who now have a hope and future because of the local church in action! We cannot wait to equip you to get involved.

Rob Stevenette is the Head of Church Partnerships at TLG.

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