17 Seminars

2PM - 2.45PM (BST) - 3rd August

Ministry of the Spirit

Ministering in the Power of the Spirit

Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit to bring the Kingdom of God wherever he went. A crucial part of his ministry was to bless and to heal people and to cast out demons. As followers of Jesus, we are called to do the same stuff he did. But how? How can we pray for people so that stuff happens?

Johnny Nimmo his wife Jana, and friends lead CenTral, a church in a poor neighbourhood in Germany. Their vision is to see the Kingdom come there. Johnny travels around Germany and beyond to speak about ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wholeness & Inner Healing

True Identity – Discover Who You Really Are

Thea will help you build core strength in your identity. As she shares her story of coming out of eating disorders, you will understand the impact of our thought life on our behaviour and be equipped with tools to become the fullest and freest version of who God made you to be.

Thea Muir is Founder of I Am So Many Things, a business, ministry, and movement equipping people to walk in the fulness of their identity in Christ through beautiful products and good teaching around who God says we are.


Family Life with Teenagers

Raising teenagers as disciples of Jesus is a joyful challenge. Building loving, honest relationships is key to navigating this. The Robinson and Pennystan families have recorded a conversation with their teenagers to discuss this.

Richard & Nells Pennystan have four teenage boys and live in Romiley, Stockport where Richard is Vicar of St Chad’s.

Lizzy and Gareth Robinson lead Saint Philips Chapel Street in Salford and have three teenage kids.

Love In Action – At Home

Intercultural Church – Heavenly Vision & Earthly Dream

A great missional challenge today is how to develop more culturally diverse and yet united churches; and by doing so, we point to a more credible gospel message that can speak more authentically into the subject of race, prejudice, and discrimination. However, this calls for a life journey of humility, sacrificial love, and intentionality.

Mohan Seevaratnam is a bi-vocational church planter. He works as a GP and leads Mosaic church Harrow, an intentionally intercultural missional community that ‘seeks to celebrate unity in Jesus as well as cultural diversity – on earth as it is in heaven’.

Jessie Tang was born in the UK and is from a Chinese background. She is a fan of all things intercultural. She studied Music and Ethnomusicology and has an interest in second-generation immigrants, intercultural worship, and missions.

Love In Action – Abroad

Among the Ashes

Suffering and loss is something we all go through. Every day, around the world, persecuted Christians find themselves standing in the ashes and asking, ‘Where did God go?’ This seminar will help you learn from the experience of persecuted Christians who know the reality of loss and hardship – it will also help you pray for Christians who are struggling all around us.

Andy Worthington is Head of Church Relations at Open Doors, telling inspiring stories of what God is doing through the persecuted church. He and his wife Michelle lead the Breathe venue at United.

Emma Worrall has worked for Open Doors for many years and her discipleship journey has been profoundly shaped by the stories of courageous faith from around the world.

Ron Boyd-MacMillan is the Theology Specialist for Open Doors UK. He has over 40 years of interaction with the persecuted church and is author of Faith that Endures: The Essential Guide to the Persecuted Church.


Our Work, God’s Business – Leading in the Workplace Beyond Covid

After a tumultuous year, we have opportunity to re-emerge with hope and optimism to impact workplace culture and relationships. This seminar will challenge our current thinking, provide stimulus, and thought as to how we maximise the opportunity we have back in the workplace post covid and to grow our faith and God’s Kingdom.

Rachel Slough is an enthusiastic, engaging Facilitator and Leadership Consultant with extensive and varied business experience at Director Level having spent 18 years as Operations Director for a London based SME.


How Do I Know I Have a Calling to Leadership in the Church?

There are many different examples and models of church leadership. How do we know if God is calling us to serve him in this way, and how do we follow the example of Jesus as we do?

Chris Lane is a leader at Langworthy Community Church in Salford, and a lecturer and Lead Tutor for Pioneers at St Mellitus College. He is the author of Ordinary Miracles: Mess, Meals, and Meeting Jesus in Unexpected Places.

Planting & Pioneering

Reap What You Sow

Jackie shares with Gareth some of what she learnt over the last 40+ years of leading people to Jesus and discipling them. She encourages us to see people like Jesus did, start with those we want to reach and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to those that he has got ready.

Gareth Robinson leads Saint Philips Chapel Street in Salford, Great Manchester.

Jackie Pullinger began ministering to drug addicts, prostitutes, and gang members in Hong Kong in 1966. The early years of her ministry are chronicled in the book Chasing the Dragon. In 1981 she founded the St Stephen’s Society providing rehabilitation homes for those in recovery.

Reaching our communities

From Unity to Oneness: Let the Spirit Break Out in our Communities

The session will give a cultural and political examination of our current society and where the Church finds itself in it. Shermara will explore why the daring, risky and costly pursuit of expanding the Church’s call from unity to oneness, and who it forms as leaders, will see communities revived, renewed and open to the new ways God wants to show up and break out.

Shermara Fletcher is The Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multicultural relations at Churches Together in England. She is a Pentecostal leader with significant experience in community organising, ecumenical engagement, leadership development and public speaking.

Evangelism & Apologetics

A Hidden God in a Global Pandemic

In the midst of great adversity and suffering it can feel as though God is hiding. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted so many aspects of our world and left many of us reeling. Where is God to be found in it all? In this session we explore some responses to this heartfelt question, drawing on insights from both the Bible and philosophy.

Dr Max Baker-Hytch received his PhD in Philosophy from Oxford University in 2014 and he speaks and writes at both academic and popular levels on a range of topics related to the intellectual credibility of the Christian worldview.

Celebrating local church

A Strategy for Enabling Small Congregations to Flourish

A conversation unpacking and exploring the joys and encouragements of being in a rural ministry setting. Including those ordained, in lay ministry roles or exploring if this is what God is calling them to. As well as being honest about the challenges we face in terms of declining numbers, we will look at different ways of connecting with the wider community.

Suzan Williams is Rector of three rural parishes in North Shropshire. She is passionate about enabling people in rural contexts to find confidence in sharing their faith with the wider community.

Richard Jackson has been Bishop of Hereford since January 2020. COVID has accelerated the change challenge, particularly in a rural setting. With colleagues he is trying lead that change!.


A Call to Alms – How your Church can Care for the Homeless

Be inspired by stories of churches housing the homeless with great love. Understand how the word and Holy Spirit have guided a movement of change in our country. Hear a compelling vision for churches to be at the centre of homelessness. Learn how your church can join in.

Ed Walker has a background in disaster response. When he came back to the UK, he saw a need for the homeless in his city. He set up and runs Hope into Action, which currently has 72 church partners and 90 homes across the country, housing 250 tenants.


The Fire of God

This seminar explores the promise that Jesus is the one who will baptise with fire, our need for it, and what happens when the Fire of God falls and spreads through our lives. It includes prayer ministry at its end.

Jitesh Patel is Assistant Director & Lecturer in Theology at St Mellitus College EM, where he helps train the next generation of church leaders, and Associate Vicar at Holy Trinity Leicester where he leads its preaching ministry.


Exiles for Christ – Post-Pandemic Mission

What does it feel like to be a Christian in our society, and why? Can the church recover a proper confidence in articulating faith in the midst of contemporary culture? This seminar addresses these questions in challenging but hopeful ways and helps us reimagine mission in the uncharted waters of a post-pandemic society.

Prof Paul S Williams is CEO of Bible Society, Research Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership at Regent College, Canada, and author of Exiles on Mission: How Christians Can Thrive in a Post-Christian World.


Secure leadership in an insecure world

A natural leadership response to uncertainty is to feign confidence, drive for loyalty and appear courageous. Yet our world has changed, and the estimation of our leadership is not simply what we get done, but how. Our adrenalized and anxious hearts are at risk of driving us towards insecure leadership, but God is calling us to create cultures that are trustworthy, healthy, and centred on his Holy Spirit.

Will Van Der Hart is an Anglican Vicar, Co-Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation and Leadership Coach. He is married to Lucinda, also a priest in the Church of England, they have three children and live in West London.


Testimonies of Faith… When it’s Hard to Believe

Everyone has the right to freedom of religion, but this right is denied to many across the Middle East, where believers face harassment, isolation, imprisonment, violence and even death. But through the power of media, Christians are sharing their stories of life-changing joy – testimonies of faith that we all need to hear.

Martin Thomas is the Director of External Engagement for SAT-7 UK and a published children’s author. He has a passion for sharing God’s mission, in the UK and overseas, and for children and families to be free to believe, wherever they are.


Junk Media and Your Kids Digital Diet

It is not just the food our kids eat that effects their health; it is also the content they consume. As parents and kids’ workers, knowing your cyber super-foods from your streaming string cheese is key to effectively communicating the gospel in the digital age.

Duncan Reid has 20 years’ experience working across music, film, and TV, and is now Head of Digital Strategy at Wonderborn Studios. He is a volunteer kids’ worker at Hope Chapel in Bristol and has two boys aged 14 and 12.