16 Seminars

2PM - 2.45PM (BST) - 2nd August

Ministry of the Spirit

You can heal the sick

A practical equipping and guide to healing the sick as a lifestyle.

Julian Richards founded Cornerstone Church with his wife Sarah and leads New Wine Cymru Wales. New Wine Cymru is committed to the healing and prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit, as modelled by Jesus. Growing in a naturally supernatural model that is biblical, pastorally responsible, and appropriate to this generation.

Wholeness & Inner Healing

This Could Be the Making of Us

When life goes wrong, we can find ourselves asking ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ all over again. But what if losing an identity can help us discover who we really are, and what if adversity can release our best gifts into the world? Come and explore how, in the hands of God, life’s trials can be the making of us.

Sheridan Voysey is the author of eight books, including The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned. He is a presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 and speaks at events across the world.


Parenting Children through Covid: Lessons Learned

No one could have prepared us for what parenting would be like in a pandemic, which restricted our movements in unimagined ways and left us trying to work from home while simultaneously home-schooling our children and being with them 24/7. In this seminar we explore learning which might remain applicable in a post-Covid world.

Rob & Anushka Bewley have two primary age children, whom they adopted 6 years ago. Rob is Vicar & Mission Leader of the Church of Christ the King in Kettering and Regional Director of New Wine. Anushka is a primary school teacher.

Love In Action – At Home

Your Worst Nightmare Can Be Your Biggest Breakthrough

This session will explore how to strive and not just survive a hostile environment by standing firm on your faith, the anchor for resilience and excellence. Not compromising on your ethical leadership underpinned by God’s word, protected by his armour, to ensure you are the embodiment of faith in action.

Dr Leroy Logan MBE is a former superintendent in the Metropolitan Police. He retired in 2013 after 30 years’ service. He is also a former chair and founding member of the Black Police Association.

Love In Action – Abroad

Prayer, Justice and Miracles with IJM

Ending injustice is not easy. International Justice Mission has helped protect millions of people from slavery and violence and brought thousands to safety – but hard work alone is not enough. Explore with Anu how persistent prayer is making miraculous justice possible.

Anu George helps to lead International Justice Mission. A lawyer by training, she led teams in South Asia to rescue more than 10,000 people from forced labour slavery.


Christian Values in The Workplace

Robert, Christine, and Joelle will explore questions such as: as Christians we passionately believe that everyone is equal in God’s eyes, as we look to the post pandemic world how can we shape the culture of the workplace to truly reflect this?

Robert Camp modelled servant leadership whilst leading a regional law firm. He set up a consultancy business last year and advises businesses and business leaders on culture and strategy.

Christine Catlin is Deputy Director of Learning & Organisational Development at two London hospitals. She started as a nurse and is passionate about helping staff to pursue their careers.

Joelle Warren founded the executive search firm, Warren Partners, and works with Boards to improve diversity and effectiveness in the boardroom.


Lessons in Leadership from the Life of King David

Pete will offer a whistle-stop tour of the life of David, from 1 Samuel 16 to 1 Kings 2 (from the moment of his anointing to the moment of his death) to ask why Scripture speaks of him as ‘a man after God’s own heart’. He will suggest what that means for those of us called into church leadership today.

Pete Wilcox is the Bishop of Sheffield. He has been ordained for over 30 years and has spent most of that time in the north and in urban settings. He has a passion for the Bible and is the author of three accessible Bible commentaries, one on the life of Joseph and two on the life of King David.

Planting & Pioneering

Three Big Thoughts About Church Planting

John asks Christian to expand our thinking about church planting: what we need to have in mind at this time, what we need to address as well as some of the practicalities we’re offering you through New Wine.

Christian Selvaratnam is the Director of Church Planting at St Hild College in Yorkshire. Prior to this, he was the National Director of Alpha UK and the leader of G2, an Anglican church plant in York.

John McGinley is National Lead at The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication.

Reaching our communities

What Next for Your Covid Response Project?

Throughout the pandemic, churches up and down the country have risen to the call to serve their communities in practical ways. But what next? How do we retain this new social capital? What about sustainability? How can a project evolve? Chris shares five keys to unlock next steps thinking.

Chris Bradish is Vicar of St Mary’s Andover, a Resource Church in Hampshire. He heads up a social outreach programme called The Lighthouse.

Evangelism & Apologetics

Evangelism Amongst Millennials

This session looks at how to reach a generation in need of connection. Luke shares his experience of engaging millennials and explores how you can too.

Luke Graham is entering his final year of ordination training, studying at St Mellitus College whilst continuing his role of pastoring the 18-30s at St Barnabas Church, North London.

Celebrating local church

Acts: Manual for a Scattered Church

It is not that the Church of God has a mission, but that the God of mission has a Church. Those words are attributed to several writers, but what does it take for them to become our lived reality? In this seminar, we will use Acts as a lens to see how God might be using this moment of crisis to call the church back once again to what we were always designed to do.

Paul Langham is vicar of Christ Church Clifton, Bristol. He is the Regional Director for New Wine South West and a member of the General Synod. He is the author of Understanding Revelation and Who?, a fresh translation of the New Testament.


The Culture of Prayer

In these Last Days, Christians are going to need ‘oil in their lamps’ to shine as lights in the world. This session will ignite your heart and passion for prayer so that you can function optimally as a catalyst for change in your sphere of influence.

Jonathan Oloyede is the leader of City Chapel and the Convener of the National Day of Prayer UK which saw hundreds of thousands pray across multiple locations and stadiums in Britain. His overriding passion is to raise a global network of one million disciples of Christ across the world.


A Mind of Their Own

Whether you are parenting toddlers or teens, this session will give you practical, actionable ideas grounded in Biblical wisdom and up to date research that will equip you to build resilience, confidence, and mental wellbeing in your children’s lives.

Katharine Hill is the UK director of Care for the Family. She is a speaker, broadcaster, and author of a number of books including her latest A Mind of Their Own. She is married to Richard, and they have four grown-up children and three grandchildren.


Reach the Students, Change the World

The UK has 2.3 million students at any one time and these young adults go on to lead, shape and serve our society. It is time to reimagine how we could reach the students around us with the gospel of Jesus so these young radicals can be and bring about gospel transformation. Luke shares stories, tips, and brings provocation for how we can shape our churches to reach the campus.

Luke Smith is Fusion Team Leader. He loves helping churches figure out how to reach students. He lives in York where he helps his wife Hannah to lead G2, a church full of students and young adults.


Sharing the Wonder: Conversations about Science and Faith

From galaxies bigger than you can imagine to the tiniest insect, God’s creation is an incredible place. Come and explore how both science and Christian faith can help us see the world as it really is, and how we can share this in a way that opens up new and fruitful conversations.

Dr Ruth Bancewicz is the Church Engagement Director at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, a member of Christians in Science, and a part time theology student with Spurgeon’s College.


Equipping a New Generation of Bible Communicators

Join us on the shores of South Wales as we share our passion for the Bible, consider our dangerous drift from Scripture, and reimagine a new generation of Bible Communicators who are equipped to communicate the Bible with depth and relevance in our cultural moment.

Dr Andrew Ollerton is a theologian, pastor, and popular communicator. He works with Bible Society and developed The Bible Course, an eight-session guide to the Bible for small groups.

Joseff Edwards works with Bible Society and is a passionate Welshman. He has a real passion for Bible mission and a heart to see people’s confidence in God’s word grow.