Morning Celebration

11AM - 12.45PM (BST) - 30th July

Worship, Teaching & Ministry

The Challenge to Change: Repent and Believe (Mt 4:17 & Mk 1:14-15)
When Ezekiel prophesied Israel’s restoration and return from exile, he spoke of a greater restoration to come, an inner renewal of heart and spirit that would exchange a “heart of stone” for a “heart of flesh” (Ezek 11:19). This promise of restoration and renewal focuses on core change, not just reforming behaviour and practice but transforming attitude and intent.

David Parker is Pastor Emeritus of Desert Vineyard. He’s dedicated his life to building communities of faith focused on the needs of those outside their doors, with hearts open to growth through teaching that makes the Bible relevant and revelatory in contemporary life.

What Can Stop Us?
In a rapidly changing world, what does the gospel of love look like?

Genelle Aldred is a communications professional and has worked as a broadcaster and newsreader for the BBC, ITV and ITN. Her book Communicate for Change will be published in the autumn.

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