Morning Celebration

11AM - 12.45PM (BST) - 3rd August

Worship, Teaching & Ministry

The Trouble with Tomorrow: Do Not Worry (Mt 6:25-34)
David Parker

For almost 18 months now, our world has experienced an intense season of pandemic loss, political upheaval, social trauma, economic hardship, physical isolation, and spiritual disconnection. Awareness of mental health challenges and struggles with anxiety and depression have reached unprecedented heights. Confidence in the future has descended to historic lows. From a similar context of threat and uncertainty in the 1st century world, Jesus challenged His disciples to engage daily in a battle with worry and fear by cultivating essential spiritual convictions.

David Parker is Pastor Emeritus of Desert Vineyard. He’s dedicated his life to building communities of faith focused on the needs of those outside their doors, with hearts open to growth through teaching that makes the Bible relevant and revelatory in contemporary life

Open My Eyes
Rich Wilson
What are we currently not seeing that God wants to show us? How we see, affects how we serve, changes how we pray and impacts how we live and give.

Rich Wilson is movement leader of Fusion that helps students find hope in Jesus and home in the local church. He is author of A Call Less Ordinary.

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