Morning Celebration

11AM - 12.45PM (BST) - 1st August

Worship, Teaching & Ministry

We heard some really powerful testimonies at UBO – of how God has radically transformed lives with his love. We know the impact these stories can have and want them to reach as far as possible. So we are keeping this talk and Sebastian Stakset’s from Sunday evening free for you to watch & share.


Give me strength! The joy of weakness and the art of submission
Lauren Windle
We’re instructed to consider trials ‘pure joy’ as God’s ‘power is made perfect in weakness’, but this is easier said than done in the midst of a crisis. In this talk, recovering addict Lauren explores the hope we can draw from difficulties and the liberation that comes with complete submission to God.

Lauren Windle is an author and TEDx speaker who speaks on faith, addiction and dating in the church. She has been sober from drug and alcohol addiction for seven years, has a Master’s in Addiction Studies and runs a recovery programme. Lauren’s book, Notes on Love has just been published.


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