Evening Celebration with Amy Orr-Ewing

7PM - 8.30PM (BST) - 30th July

SOFA SESSION with Paula Stringer, CEO & John Kirkby, Founder of CAP
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) provides free debt help and local community groups across the UK.

Lessons From the Life of Joseph: God Has Made Me Fruitful in The Land of My Suffering

In these traumatising days, many of us have faced unimaginable difficulties. Joseph was no different. He experienced trauma, disappointment, and massive setbacks. What might God be saying to us about his redemptive powerful love? Amy believes the Lord wants to work powerfully among us and bring new fruitfulness in us.

Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr-Ewing is an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian faith. She is the author of Where is God in All the Suffering? and the bestselling Why Trust the Bible?

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