Evening Celebration with Sebastian Stakset

7PM - 8.30PM (BST) - 1st August

Warning: Some viewers may find Sebastian’s story disturbing as he shares honestly about being at the depths of despair and feeling suicidal. For anyone feeling emotional distress or suicidal, please get in touch with your church leader or Samaritans.


We heard some really powerful testimonies at UBO – of how God has radically transformed lives with his love. We know the impact these stories can have and want them to reach as far as possible. So we are keeping this talk and Lauren Windle’s from Sunday moring free for you to watch & share.


Outside the City Walls
Sebastian Stakset

Sebastian will share his testimony of leaving crime and drugs behind him and reflect on the accounts of Jesus healing a man with leprosy and restoring a demon-possessed man in the Gospel of Mark.

Sebastian Stakset
Sebastian Stakset is a former gangster rapper and criminal who found mercy at the feet of Jesus. In 2018, he founded the organisation Heart of Evangelism which seeks to help those who cannot help themselves.


Sebastian’s live interview with Paul Harcourt is available on catch-up with New Wine Online membership:

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