We are thrilled to announce the launch of United 21 and can’t wait to be reunited at the East of England Showground in Peterborough next summer.

United is a unique place of blessing where we worship Jesus, experience the presence of the Father and receive healing, equipping, empowering and re-envisioning as we allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us.


United A: Saturday 24 July – Thursday 29 July 2021
United B: Friday 30 July – Wednesday 4 August 2021


Flash Sale

From now until 30 September 2020, you can save up to £50 per ticket* and secure your place with a deposit of £25 per person (which includes a £10 non-refundable administration fee). You will then have until 30 December 2020 to pay the final balance.

*Based on adult Flash Sale ticket price compared with adult standard rate ticket price.


Still United, but a little different

With additional time to plan for United 21, we have paused and prayed, listened and received prophetic words, and have made some changes to better serve our New Wine family of churches.

What’s changed?

The biggest change is the length of the event and the shape of the programme. United events are no longer Week 1 and Week 2, but United A and United B, and we’ve dropped the delegate rest day.

We’ve introduced a cheaper off-site ticket rate for those staying in hotels or B&Bs.

We’ve streamlined the seminar programme and introduced shorter, TED-style talks.

We’ve introduced several smaller venues to better serve different worship and prayer ministry preferences.

These changes are rooted in prayer, are in response to feedback, and are an answer to a call from God to create space for something new.

For further details:

Why book now?

For pennies: Get the lowest available ticket prices

For places: To guarantee kids’ group places

For power: We have a limited number of electrical hook-ups available to purchase during the Flash Sale. If you’re camping with a group of 20 people or more, you can apply for community hook-up (further details on the booking pages).


A minimum fee of £25 must be paid to secure your Flash Sale ticket. This is a £15 refundable deposit and a non-refundable £10 administration fee per ticket. To secure the following Flash Sale prices, full fees must be paid by midnight on 30 December 2020.

Ticket Flash sale fees
  Until 30 Sept
Camping (on site)
Adult £145
Student (18-25s in full-time education) £135
Luminosity (11-18s) £120
Kids 5-11s £100
Kids 0-4s £65
Kids 0-2s; non-group Free
Community electric hook-up £250
Off site
Adult £105
Student (18-25s in full-time education) £95
Luminosity (11-18s) £80
Kids 5-11s £60
Kids 0-4s £25
Kids 0-2s; non-group Free


Prices include a non-refundable administration fee of £10 per ticket.

Full refunds (minus the £10 per ticket administration fee) are available until 31 March 2021, after which tickets can be carried over without charge to a later/alternative event if United 21 at the East of England showground is cancelled due to government restrictions/guidance or another unforeseeable event rendering United unsafe or impossible to run safely and legally.


See full Terms & Conditions here.

Sixty One

We are so excited to be starting a new venture next summer, in partnership with Fusion. Sixty One is a 3-night event for students and young adults, aiming to bring a generation together to talk with each other, seek the Lord, be invested into and commissioned in their calling. Find out more at sixtyone.space.

Although it will follow on from United B from 5-8 August 2021 – and will also be held at the East of England showground – it is not another United, or a shorter United. It’s intentionally designed for the student and young adult generations.

We know that many of those choosing to come to this new event will still want to serve on team at United. We’d love to have you! Please do go ahead and book your Team place and, as a reward, we’ll send you a special offer for the 3-night event.

For more free talks & resources: