4PM - 5PM (BST) - 31st July
Mental & Emotional Health

Q&A with Mind and Soul Foundation

The team at Mind and Soul Foundation combine medicine, psychology and theology to look at the real challenges life can throw at us. They’ll be addressing your top questions about how to manage the challenges of pandemic life and the so-called new normal.

About this stream

Mental & Emotional Health

Stream leaders: Pete & Nikki Sims
Life in 2020 is fast-paced and full of opportunity but also stress and pressure. We have so much connectivity at our disposal and yet statistics show that we are lonelier and more isolated than ever. With the uncertainty of a global pandemic thrown into the mix, it’s easy to understand why our mental and emotional wellbeing is suffering, with sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and stress levels rising. Combining theological insight & practical tools, this stream will equip you to thrive in these unprecedented times.