1.30PM - 2.15PM (BST) - 31st July
Preparing for a New World

Break out into your own future - Part 1

Patrick Dixon

A look at the truth about life beyond COVID. What is most likely to happen and why: beyond confusing news headlines and the frenzy of social media. Impact on mission and society and what it all means for the longer term. How to break out into the future of your own life, church, ministry, mindset, workplace, family and wider world. Finding hope in crisis, strength in uncertainty, peace in fear, openness to the gospel in lockdown, and the power of God in times of meltdown. Take hold of your future, seize your destiny, embracing God’s ultimate purpose for your life and for his Kingdom. Leads on to a live discussion in Part 2.

About this stream

Preparing for a New World

Stream leader: Rich Johnson
We are living through a huge moment in history that is reshaping the world as we know it. This stream will explore what on earth is going on, what the future might look like and the opportunities for us as the people of God to engage, respond and serve the world in faith, hope and love.