1.30PM - 2.15PM (BST) - 2nd August

Trusting God for today

Eddie Lyle
Christine Lyle

Most of us recognise that well-known verse in Matthew 6 that says ‘do not worry about tomorrow… each day has enough troubles of its own’; yet, in reality that can be difficult. Eddie & Christine share from their experiences the importance of pressing into God and learning to trust Him for each day.

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Stream leaders: Andy & Michelle Worthington
Breathe creates space for parents and carers of children/adults with additional needs to connect with God and others like them. Breathe invites three brilliant and down-to-earth couples to share stories of God’s truth with us. So, grab a coffee and a cake, join the Breathe community as we listen, pray and reflect on what it might mean for God’s spirit to break out in our situations.