1.30PM - 2.15PM (BST) - 1st August

Go gently

Diane Regan
Patrick Regan

Sharing their personal experience and discoveries in lockdown, Diane and Patrick encourage us to consider what it might mean to ‘Go Gently’, ‘Be Mindful’ and ‘Show Kindness’, amidst the challenges life might bring. How do we go gently when we are more exhausted than we ever were before; how do we go gently on ourselves? (This seminar is aimed at parent/carers of children/adults with additional needs).

About this stream


Stream leaders: Andy & Michelle Worthington
Breathe creates space for parents and carers of children/adults with additional needs to connect with God and others like them. Breathe invites three brilliant and down-to-earth couples to share stories of God’s truth with us. So, grab a coffee and a cake, join the Breathe community as we listen, pray and reflect on what it might mean for God’s spirit to break out in our situations.