Morning Celebration

11AM - 12.45PM (BST) - 31st July

Worship, Teaching & Ministry

The Process of Growth: Go and Learn (Mt 9:10-13)
David Parker

There is nothing that requires less hardened toughness and more tender softness than recognizing you have been wrong when you were convinced you were right and acknowledging that you have much to learn when you thought you knew it all. Jesus’ charge to “go and learn what this means” is a continuing call and challenge to invest in the process of new heart growth.

David Parker is Pastor Emeritus of Desert Vineyard. He’s dedicated his life to building communities of faith focused on the needs of those outside their doors, with hearts open to growth through teaching that makes the Bible relevant and revelatory in contemporary life.

The Call of Christ
Metropolitan KP Yohannan
Exploring the importance and absolute necessity to walk the narrow road and live as Jesus lived among us on earth 2,000 years ago. Following Christ and living as He lived for the sake of others who need to know Him will involve suffering, difficulty, and pain, but in the end, you will find it is all worth it.

Metropolitan KP Yohannan is the founder and director of GFA World, a Christian mission organization committed to seeing communities transformed. He is the Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church and has more than 250 books published including Revolution in World Missions.

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