Evening Celebration with Jo Saxton

8PM - 9.15PM (BST) - 1st August
Jo Saxton

In times of disruption and uncertainty, it’s normal to feel so pressured, so overwhelmed that it’s hard to see where God is in it all. Yet when we look at Scripture we see that God’s people have often lived through eras of great upheaval and God meets with them at every stage. This session reminds us that God meets with us here and now in the storms of life, that in times of pressure he’ll lead us through our next steps. And that even when we least anticipate it, God is doing a new thing – and invites us to seek him and join him there.

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Join us as we press into God’s presence in worship and are inspired and challenged by his word. Hear encouraging stories of God changing lives for the better. We’ll wait on his Spirit and invite him to minister to us, wherever we are.