Our United summer gatherings have always been centred around community and our volunteers, village hosts and church members play a critical role in enabling this on site. For United Breaks Out we have over 400 Community Makers helping us model the same fellowship and connection we see across the campsite each summer. Here are some of your community pics!
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Want to listen to the talks again in your small groups? Or need some background worship music? We’ve got you covered. Head over to our Listen Again page for links.

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UK poverty is real. Families are going without food, central heating and other essentials. We are so happy to be partnering with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), who work alongside local churches to meet the needs in their communities and demonstrate God's heart for the poorest in society. Every working day CAP see ten people become debt free and three respond to Jesus. Please take the time this week to visit their exhibition - or head to to the CAP cafe for a coffee with a difference:

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